Office Cleaning Services

There are several benefits of using Earth Friendly Cleaning for your green office cleaning service.

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Complimentary ethics

Whether you are a health practitioner or own an organic supermarket, you will understand the importance of holistic healing and well-being.

Earth Friendly Cleaning offers a range of services to compliment your eco business that enable you to offer your clients and employees an all-natural, non-toxic environment.

Quality service is ensured by the continued involvement of Principals Julie and Don, who are dedicated to working together with other eco businesses. They have extensive experience in providing specialised, green cleaning services tailored to individual requirements.

Healthy and happy employees

Improve the overall moral, productivity and happiness of your employees.
Good indoor air quality has been shown to reduce fatigue, stress and headaches.
Healthy, happy employees take less sicks days and add positivity to your business.
A healthy work environment is one of the best things you can give your employees – and yourself. For more information on eco-friendly cleaning, please click here.
For more information on ENJO® cleaning technology, please click here.

Business Eco Footprint / Community Engagement

If your business is committed to reducing its eco footprint then green office cleaning will be part of that plan. Even small business has a responsibility and ability to do small things every day that benefit the Earth. (add to side bar as a callout)

Environmentally friendly cleaning can even be a part of your business Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP). An EIP is an effective tool for community engagement and good will, as it shows a public commitment by a business to continually improve their environmental approach. Further information on EIP can be found here:

Please note: Our green cleaning specialists will supply all cleaning products but we do ask that you make a vacuum available for our team.