Eco Friendly Cleaning

There are many health risks directly linked to environmental pollutants and poor indoor air quality.

Outdoor environmental pollution is commonly referred to, but the oft-forgotten effects of indoor pollution have resulted in the overuse of chemicals in the modern home. There is a direct link between the chemicals used in home cleaning and the irritation of pre-existing allergies, asthma, some medical ailments and our overall lifestyle and well-being.

Some interesting facts...

We do it differently...

At Earth Friendly Cleaning we have selected to work with ENJO®'s dynamic eco-friendly cleaning technology. The fibre technology utilised in their product makeup allows non-toxic, natural cleaning to be done with simple, pure water.

No chemicals, no fragrances, no toxic waste water.

And no risk to your health, the health of your pets or to this beautiful planet.

We care about the Earth, and we care about you and your family.

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